InterviewWhy telemarketing?
The simple answer is because it works!!

Most major charities and companies use the telephone either inbound or outbound to support their organisational sales and marketing needs.  Other than a face to face conversation, a friendly telephone call or contact is the most productive and efficient way of meeting a business’s needs or assisting their customers or supporters.

Telephone fundraising has proven by many charities to be an effective means to build financial resources and acquire ongoing donors for their mission. Many organisations have successful, innovative and well managed telephone programs that raise significant funds to support their important work.

Are there lots of complaints?
The fact that so many businesses that care greatly about their brand, use telemarketing as a channel to support customers and grow their businesses, indicates that the level of complaints is in fact quite low and manageable.

It is our view that most complaints over recent years stem mainly from calls initiated from the sub-continent and South-East Asia.  A helpful western voice that can be easily understood is usually received well by the general public.

We also respect the wishes of people who have registered their desire not to be called on the Do Not Call Register.

Are you good at what you do?
Obviously this is the most important question.

Communication Direct has won many Awards of Excellence from the Fundraising Institute Australia for its telephone raffle and donor programs.

Prior to commencing Let’s Talk Marketing, Rick Sillett as Fundraising Manager of Scope, won the FIA’s major Award for Most Outstanding Fundraising Project in Australia in 2003. “Project Renewal” was a telephone donor acquisition program and part of a strategy of Scope’s to build a significant database of donors that with careful planning and nurturing, would provide a strong source of donations, major gifts and bequests in the future.  In seven months, Scope recruited over 14,000 new donors.

How do we pay for telemarketing?
Typically Communication Direct charges telemarketing and administration at an hourly rate.  We are also happy to charge by the “connected call” and on a transactional basis if processing is required.